University Program

Specially designed for University Professors & Students.

Get ready to indulge yourself in the workshop to learn Core level concepts of

  • ARM Core family, 
  • Embedded Linux OS (u-boot,Linux,rootfs)
  • Yocto build system.

Workshop Keypoints

  • Learn about ARM Cores and the ARM Cortex Family series, 
  • Learn about ARM Hardware boards.
  • Learn about Embedded Linux OS
  • Learn YOCTO build system

Training Outlines


  • Introduction to different ARM Hardware Boards and their SoC Details
  • Introduction to Embedded Linux OS Componets 
  • Introduction to OS booting process
  • Introduction to ARM cross toolchain
  • Download and setup ARM toolchain 
  • Flashing pre-built linux OS on VIYARA-I.MX6ULX IOT Board


  • U-Boot Introduction
  • U-Boot Directory structure
  • U-BOOT defconfig & menuconfig support
  • U-Boot Compilation
  • Add new features in u-boot 


  • Linux kernel and device tree introduction
  • Linux defconfig and menuconfig support
  • Linux compilation
  • Create new device tree for arm board
  • Pin muxing in device tree node for
    • LED
    • Button


  • Introduction to the root file system
  • Introduction to different build system types
  • Introduction to Yocto build system
  • Setup yocto build system in UBUNTU PC
  • Compile Yocto build system
  • Flash new compiled images to ARM Board

Why this Workshop?

  • Training by Working Professionals
  • Live Hands-on practice with Board
  • You will get Complete overview of Embedded Hardware & Software
  • This Workshop Knowledge helps in your embedded Job Interviews

Who should attend?

  • All ECE and EEE students
  • Basic knowledge of C
  • basic knowledge of the ubuntu shell environment
  • ubuntu pc with 4GB+ RAM, 100GB free space
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