Yocto Project customization and support

The Yocto Project™ is an open supply collaboration challenge that presents templates, equipment and strategies to assist you create customized Linux-based structures for embedded merchandise regardless of the hardware architecture. It was once centered in 2010 as a collaboration amongst many hardware manufacturers, open-source working structures vendors, and electronics groups to deliver some order to the chaos of embedded Linux development.

As an open supply project, the Yocto Project operates with a hierarchical governance shape based totally on meritocracy and managed by means of its chief architect, Richard Purdie, a Linux Foundation fellow. This permits the task to continue to be unbiased of any one of its member organizations, who take part in more than a few methods and grant assets to the project.

Why use the Yocto Project? It’s a entire embedded Linux improvement surroundings with tools, metadata, and documentation – the entirety you need. The free equipment are effortless to get commenced with, effective to work with (including emulation environments, debuggers, an Application Toolkit Generator, etc.) and they enable tasks to be carried ahead over time besides inflicting you to lose optimizations and investments made at some point of the project’s prototype phase. The Yocto Project fosters neighborhood adoption of this open supply science permitting its customers to center of attention on their unique product aspects and development. The Yocto Project offers sources and facts catering to each new and skilled users, and consists of core gadget thing recipes furnished with the aid of the OpenEmbedded project. The Yocto Project additionally presents pointers to instance code constructed demonstrating its capabilities. These community-tested pix encompass the Yocto Project kernel and cowl various construct profiles throughout a couple of architectures consisting of ARM, PPC, MIPS, x86, and x86-64. Specific platform aid takes the shape of Board Support Package (BSP) layers for which a popular structure has been developed.

Yocto Project and all related marks and logos are registered trademarks of The Linux Foundation. This website is not, in any way, endorsed by the Yocto Project or The Linux Foundation.

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