Yocto Project training – ONLINE

Yocto Project is one of our most popular online courses because you can learn everything you need to know in only three afternoons and start using it to create recipes and custom layers.

This course gives you all the knowledge you need to manage a Yocto Project and Openembedded project.

You’ll discover how to create an embedded BSP for Linux and create embedded programmes.

Learn to build and manage embedded Linux systems with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded.
If you want to not waste time performing time-consuming tasks during the course, this intensive course is perfect for you.
In order to save time, some sections are shortened or skipped, such as downloading the packages and the long initial compilation, depending on the needs and interests of the participants.

Training Details:

  • Duration:
    • For Corporates: 
        •  5 Full Continue Days
    • For Working Professionals
        • Total 1 Month Duration
        • Weekend classes (4 Saturdays & 4 Sundays Time= 2-4 hours)
        • Weekdays support for Assignments
  • Type: ~ 50% presentations, ~ 50% practical exercises
  • Language: English
  • Number of participants: 5 people
  • Price: $10000/- USD + VAT


  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Laptop (4 GB  RAM and 40 GB free Space).
  • Good Internet connection.
  • Install zoom/teamviewer/Anydesk

Hardware used 

The practicals will Do on viyara-imx6ulx-iot board, Even Training will be generic it will work on other yocto supported Boards.


Course structure OUTLINE

  • Introduction
  • Open embedded and Yocto Project history
  • Overview of an embedded Linux system architecture
  • Methods to build a root filesystem image
  • Usefulness of build systems
  • Organization of the project source tree
  • Building a root filesystem image using the Yocto Project
  • Organization of the build output
  • Flashing and installing the system image
  • Downloading the Poky reference build system
  • Building a system image
  • Flashing and booting the image on the BeagleBone
  • Configuring the build system
  • What layers are
  • Where to find layers
  • Creating a layer
  • Customizing the package selection
  • Development workflow with bitbake
  • Writing a minimal recipe
  • Learn how to use the PREFERRED_PROVIDER mechanism
  • Writing a recipe for nInvaders
  • Adding nInvaders to the final image
  • Manage dependencies in the recipe
  • Extending and overriding recipes
  • Adding steps to the build process
  • Learn about classes
  • Analysis of examples
  • Logging
  • Debugging dependencies
  • Extending an existing BSP
  • Adding a new machine
  • Linux and the linux-yocto recipe
  • Adding a custom image type
  • Extending a recipe to add configuration files
  • Using ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND to modify the final rootfs
  • Studying package dependencies
  • Learn how to write a layer
  • Add the layer to the build
  • Move nInvaders to the new layer
  • Adding nInvaders to a custom image
  • Writing an image recipe
  • Adding users/groups
  • Adding custom configuration
  • Writing and using package groups recipes
  • Writing a custom image recipe
  • Understanding the purpose of an SDK for the application developer
  • Building an SDK for the custom image
  • Using the Yocto Project SDK
  • devtool
  • Using devtool

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